Does Brazilian Wax Include Inner Lips?

Well, let’s just say it’s a full house. Brazilian waxing definitely includes the inner lips, also known as the labia minora. It’s essential to remove all hair from this area to give you that perfectly smooth finish. But don’t worry, our trained waxing professionals will ensure a comfortable and safe experience. You’ll leave feeling confident and ready to take on the world, one hair-free zone at a time!
Does Brazilian Wax Include Inner Lips?


When it comes to hair removal, Brazilian waxing is one of the most popular options out there. It involves removing all the hair from the pubic region, leaving you completely bare. But what about the inner lips? Do they get waxed too?

The answer is yes, inner lips are typically included in a Brazilian wax. In fact, a complete Brazilian wax usually includes removing hair from all areas that underwear would cover. This includes the front, back, and inner thighs, as well as the pubic mound and labia. Some women may opt for a modified Brazilian wax where a strip of hair is left on the front, but even in this case, the inner lips are still waxed.

What is Brazilian Wax?

Brazilian wax is a form of bikini waxing that removes hair from the pubic region, including the inner labia, also known as inner lips. This type of waxing is widely popular among women because it provides a smooth, hair-free finish in the intimate areas.

Unlike regular bikini waxing that only removes hair from the bikini line, Brazilian wax includes the removal of hair from the entire pubic area, including the buttocks. However, the extent of the waxing is entirely up to the individual, as some opt to leave a triangle or strip of hair.

The Inner Lips Controversy

When it comes to Brazilian wax, the debate around whether inner lips are included in the treatment or not has been ongoing for years. Some believe that inner lips should be waxed for a complete hairless look while others don’t agree. Here’s the inside scoop on :

  • Yes, Inner Lips are Usually Included: Most estheticians performing Brazilian wax do include inner lips in the process. This is because getting rid of hair in the area gives a smooth and beautiful appearance. It also reduces the risk of hair regrowth and ingrown hairs. However, there are certain salons or spas that don’t offer inner lip waxing in their Brazilian treatments due to religious or health reasons.
  • No, Inner Lips are Not Always Included: On the other hand, some clients are uncomfortable with inner lip waxing, and prefer to leave the area untouched. For some, they claim that it’s a sensitive area and requires a more gentle touch. More so, the skin in the inner lips area is tender and prone to injuries and infections if not treated with caution. Therefore, they opt-out of getting the inner lips waxed.

In summary, the decision on whether to include inner lips waxing or not is dependent on the individual client. It’s essential to communicate with your esthetician before getting Brazilian wax to know their approach and what you want. If you can handle the discomfort, then getting inner lip waxed is a great way to achieve that smooth bikini look. However, if you’re uncomfortable or have other issues, informing your esthetician is the key.

Different Types of Brazilian Wax

There are various types of Brazilian wax techniques available that cater to individual preferences. Knowing the various types of Brazilian waxes will help you decide which one is best suited for you. Here are some popular types of Brazilian wax:

  • Bikini Wax: Also known as the traditional bikini wax, it is the least invasive type of Brazilian wax. This technique removes hair from the bikini line, leaving a trimmed patch of hair. Bikini wax does not include the inner lips of the vagina.
  • French Wax: This technique removes hair from the labia and bikini line but leaves a small strip of hair on the pubic bone. This type of Brazilian wax does not remove hair from the butt area.
  • Hollywood Wax: Also known as the full Brazilian wax, it removes all hair from the pubic area, including the inner lips and the butt area. This technique is popular among women who prefer a completely hairless look.

Choosing a Brazilian wax technique is a personal choice, and it often depends on individual preferences and pain tolerance. However, it’s essential to choose an experienced and skilled esthetician to ensure that the process is quick and comfortable. Remember, if you’re trying Brazilian wax for the first time, it’s recommended to start with a less invasive technique, like a bikini wax, to build up tolerance.

What To Expect During a Brazilian Wax

During a Brazilian wax, you can expect the removal of all pubic hair in the front, back, and everything in between. This includes the labia majora, the area around the anus, and the all-important triangle. While some find it uncomfortable, the pain is minimal and fleeting, especially when done with a skilled waxer.

The process starts with trimming any hair that is too long, then the wax is applied to small sections at a time. After the wax has been removed, the waxer may tweeze any stray hairs and soothe the area with a cooling gel or lotion. You will leave feeling smooth and clean, ready to show off your new look at the beach or in the bedroom. Just remember to wait at least 24 hours to avoid irritation such as redness, itching, or bumps.

  • Expect to remove all pubic hair, even in sensitive areas
  • The pain is minimal and fleeting
  • Trimming and waxing is done in sections
  • Tweezing may be done for stray hairs
  • Cooling gel or lotion is used to soothe the area
  • Wait at least 24 hours to avoid irritation and redness

The inner lips, or labia minora, can be included in a Brazilian wax if requested. However, it is important to communicate with your waxer beforehand to ensure you are both on the same page. Some people prefer to leave their inner lips and only wax the outer areas. It’s all up to personal preference. No matter what you choose, the most important thing is to trust your waxer and make sure you feel comfortable throughout the process.

Tips for Preparing for a Brazilian Wax

In order to prepare for a Brazilian wax, there are a few things that you can do to make the process go more smoothly. Here are some tips to help you get ready:

  • Grow your hair out: It’s important to have hair that is at least a quarter inch long before getting waxed. If the hair is too short, the wax won’t be able to grip it and you won’t get the desired results.
  • Don’t shave: If you’re used to shaving your bikini area, stop doing so at least a week or two before your wax appointment. Shaving can make your skin more sensitive and make the waxing process more painful.
  • Exfoliate: A day or two before your wax, gently exfoliate the area to help remove any dead skin cells. This can help prevent ingrown hairs and make the waxing process more effective.
  • Avoid using lotions or oils: On the day of your appointment, avoid using any lotions or oils on the area to be waxed. These can make it harder for the wax to grip the hair and make the process less effective.

By following these tips, you can help ensure that your Brazilian wax is as effective and comfortable as possible. Remember to communicate openly with your waxing technician about your preferences and any concerns you may have so that they can provide you with the best possible service.

And that concludes our discussion on whether Brazilian wax includes inner lips. As with any personal grooming decision, it ultimately comes down to what you’re comfortable with. It’s important to do your research and communicate clearly with your esthetician to ensure you’re getting the results you desire. Whatever your choice, remember that self-care is all about feeling confident, empowered, and comfortable in your own skin. Happy grooming!

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